Researching Each Product As If We Are Going To Buy One...NOW!
It's Time That You Know The Pros & Cons Of Each Machine!
Breville Juicer

Based on the extraction method, there are two principle types of juicers. The masticating extractors are slow moving juicers fitted with an auger that ‘chews’ up the produce, squeezes out the juice and spits out the pulp. On the other hand, the faster and more popular centrifugal juicers make use of a fast-rotating cutting assembly (usually a disc or blades) that first grinds the produce and then crushes it for extracting the juice.

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Omega Juicer

The Omega range of fruit-and-vegetable juicers includes the slow-speed masticating type models as well as the centrifugal type pulp-ejecting juicers.
Slow-speed juicers
These are the masticating type models equipped with slow-speed augers that minimize heat build-up and oxidation, resulting in tastier and healthier juices.

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Jack LaLanne Juicer

Made and endorsed by the late fitness legend Jack LaLanne, these are powerful but affordable centrifugal juicers that are suitable for juicing fruit as well as vegetables. Centrifugal juicers basically work this way: The food is first cut up and ground into a pulp. This pulp is then spun around at a high speed, forcing the liquid and the smallest particulate matter through a mesh.

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