About Us

We have owned several juicers and blenders in the past.

For the last three years we had the Breville Compact Juice Fountain and we recently graduated to Breville Juice Fountain Elite.

We did not use the last juicer that much (probably 1 or 2 every week or sometimes we will forget it for weeks!).

After watching the ‘Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead’ documentary we have been constantly juicing everyday. Even when we travel we are sure to find out where we can get fresh vegetable and fruit juice. We will be telling you several of our favorite juice recipe in our Blog section.

We have been having Fruit and Green smoothies for years. You will also get to know more in the blog section.

We have worked very hard to write these well researched reviews for the juicers and blenders  Рso you can choose your best juicer and blender. For starters our juicing guides will really help you:






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