Blendtec Home HP3A FourSide Blender, Black Review


The Blendtec is priced at $399. It has a powerful 1500 watt motor with 4 user defined buttons for use. It is a very compact juicer and is easy to use. The blades are made of stainless steel and the jar is BPA free.


Blendtec Home HP3A FourSide Blender, Black

Blendtec Home HP3A FourSide Blender, Black

Positive reviews:

The Blendtec is a very powerful juicer which utilizes the cutting edge technology. It can make smoothies, soups and purees. It can make hot soup in less than 90 seconds. It has many user defined buttons and the blade speed is amazing at 320 miles per hour. It is relatively easy to clean and that is an advantage as most people do not like things which require manual labor. It is a complete blender with variety of options one can use. It has a pulse up and a pulse down button by which one can manually blend. It is also dishwasher safe.

The Blendtec is a good blender and the build quality is quite nice too. The 7 year warranty on all parts speaks volume about the quality of the product and also the reliability of the company.


Negative reviews:

The blendtec has a few drawbacks as well. It is priced too high for any blender. A person may choose to buy a Vitamix which is less expensive than this. Also the motor gets heated up too quickly and the machine is shut down. What Blendtec should have done in order to increase the sales is brought the price of this device around $300. Also the machine fails to operate once frozen bananas are added to it. And lastly this machine is far too loud for a blender. As compared to a Vitamix in this range this blender is very loud. One has to literally put earplugs and then operate the device.



This blender is good but also has its demerits. One is inclined towards seeking other options but that does not mean this is not a good blender. It is as good as any other machine. The price of the machine and the amount of noise raises a few questions. Had not Vitamix been there this would have been the obvious choice of many. Its performance is good. It can blend a variety of products from vegetables to even fruits and nuts. It can make ice creams, soups and smoothies. It I good to have as a blender but its just that it is a bit expensive.

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