Blendtec HPA-611-25 Home HP3A Blender WildSide, White Review


The Blendtec HPA 61125 Home HP3A blender is priced at $454.95. The blender comes with a powerful 156 watt motor which has 3 peak horsepower and uses a direct drive system. The blender has 25 pre programmed cycles and auto shutoff feature. The product has a BPA free tritan co-polyster jar with patented cold forged wing tip blades. The product comes with an exclusive smart touch technology. The blender has a seven year manufacturer’s warranty.


Blendtec HPA-611-25 Home HP3A Blender WildSide, White

Blendtec HPA-611-25 Home HP3A Blender WildSide, White

Positive review:

The Blendtec HPA 61125 blender is a very impressive product. It can replace 9 machines in your kitchen and provide the added efficiency. The blender comes with a very powerful motor fit enough to handle any ingredient in the kitchen. The blender has avery large container which is useful in making large quantities of smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas and more. The extra wide base and the aggressive blades blend ingredients very fast and provide consistent results in taste and texture. The pre-programmed 25 blending cycles make it a very easy to use product. The Smart touch technology also adds to its user friendliness. The blender is also very easy to clean. The blender has a very sleek and modern design which makes it look good on the counter top. The product comes with a seven year warranty which speaks volumes about the durability of the product.


Negative review:

The Blendtec HPA 61125 Blender is a very efficient machine but comes with some minor flaws. Firstly, it is costlier compared to the blenders of rival companies. Secondly, because of its very high power motor it is very noisy especially when used with dry ingredients. Lastly, the blender does not come with a very good pitcher and has issues related to leakages.



This blender by Blendtec is arguably the most powerful blender available in the power. The powerful motor makes blending a very easy and enjoyable experience indeed. The pre-programmed cycles and the smart touch technology add the much needed flexibility and variety. The blender is easy to clean and that is a very essential feature. Though it is slightly costlier compared to the other blenders available in the market its high performance just makes every penny worth it. The product comes with a seven year warranty and thus can surely be trusted for durability and longevity. Thus, ignoring the few minor flaws and backing the high efficiency this blender is a must have in the kitchen.

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