Breville BJB 840XL Juice And Blend – Dual Purpose Juicer And Blender Review

The Breville BJB 840XL Juicer And Blender is priced at $649. This is a dual purpose machine with a juicer as well as a blender. This has a full metal constructed body with juicer and blender which are interchangeable. It comes with a jug and a froth separator. The company claims to have added the Hemisphere blade and the bowl technology.


Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender

Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender

Positive Reviews

The Breville BJB 840 XL is a very impressive machine. Firstly it serves two purposes- juicing as well as blending. It’s performance is equally well in both the departments. It crushes ice very well to form small crystals. As far as the juicing is concerned it is quiet good there too.  The hemisphere blade and bowl technology has been introduced in this machine. The full body is constructed of metal and this is a big positive as it is very rare for a juicer to have this and in this price range. The full metal body is good to have as the juicers are prone to rough use and all the plastic juicers are bound to develop cracks after a period of time. And it is very tedious process to get the parts replaced even if it is in the warranty period. This metallic construction would make sure that one is free of such hassles and juices without having to care about all this. It comes with Hemisphere Blade and Bowl technology which enhances the efficiency of the machine as well as the quality of the juice it gives.

The machine maintains a balance of both speed as well as efficiency. It comes with five variable speed limits which can be used according to the will of a person. Therefore it can be used to juice with a variety of things and it can also be used to crush ice along with juicing. It has a 1000W motor which is considered to be very powerful. The five inch extra wide chute ensures that apples and oranges can be put as wholes without cutting. This is very helpful as it prevents the tedious task of cutting and then feeding it in. so even if you are in a hurry you can juice just like that without prearranging things for juicing. The accessories include a jug with a path separator. The accessories form an important part of the juicer and it can attract custmers. Getting nice acessories in addition to the juicer is always a positive.

The machine as a whole is solidly built with absolutely no design flaws. The parts are dishwasher safe which is good to have as one can easily clean all the parts.It is very easy to disassemble and it is thus a very desirable machine to have.

Negative Reviews

There were a few minor flaws in the juicer. Some complaints were received that the juicer produced juice with too much of pulp. Some people do not like too much pulp in their juice specially . so it would be a problem there. Secondly, since the juicer has many components, it needs to be cleaned from various places which is indeed a very tedious task. It requires time and a lot of effort so if you are buying this machine you need to spend time cleaning it. The metal construction though is of great importance but it makes the juicer heavy and reduces the portability of the juicer. The 1000 W juicer draws a lot of current too.


Breville provides a great juicer and blender in the BJB 840XL. The built is very solid. It is a very desirable juicer which is not priced very highly. The $ 650 tag is not too much if you are getting a juicer as a blender both in one machine.It serves two purposes that is juicing and blending and both with equal efficiency. There are no basic design flaws in the machine. You can put whole apples in the juicer. The parts disassemble easily and are dishwasher safe too. The metal construction is a huge plus and it makes the machine solid apart from the neat appearance it imparts to the machine.the 5 variable speeds are provided which can be used to juice at speeds according to one’s own does not even have to cut anything and it provides great output with vegetables too. It comes with a technology that eliminates food traps. The few minor flaws may be neglected. This machine overall is a must if you want dual experience and that too a great one.

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