Breville BJE 820XL Bundle Dual Disc Juice Processor With DVD Review


The Breville BJE 820XL is priced at $399. It comes with a metal body and has 5 variable speed limits. It is a commercial juicer which has 1200W per meter and is also a puree maker. So it is a dual purpose Juice processor. It also includes Breville Fat, Sick and nearly Dead DVD. Although the DVD is worth $19.99, the juicer’s price includes no extra cost.


Breville BJE 820XL Bundle Dual Disc Juice Processor With DVD

Breville BJE 820XL Bundle Dual Disc Juice Processor With DVD.

Positive review:

The Breville BJE 820XL is a dual purpose juicer so apart from just juicing it is also capable of making puree, soups, etc. this is helpful as it not only helps the user to make a fast puree but also the quality and the taste of the puree is better. One can even make puree and store it in the refrigerator for future use. It is a commercial juicer. This means that this juicer is most suited for intensive juicing like that which is done in juice bars. It can also be used to juice if the family size is large. It produces 3 to 5 ounces of juice per minute which is quite fast and you can serve your customer fresh juice within no time.

The juicer has a full metallic construction. One does not have to bother about the rough use as it is made up of metal. The metallic body imparts longevity and durability to the juicer. It has 5 variable speed limits which can be used to extract even the last drop of juice from the fruits and vegetables. The 5 speeds can be used according to the kind of juice the person wants. Since it is a commercial juicer is has a solid 1200W juicer.

The juicer is also provided with a Nutri Disc for hard fruits. So basically one can juice with a large variety of fruits and vegetables. It can be used to juice with soft fruits like oranges to harder ones like apples and even vegetables like ginger etc. it also juices well with hard fibrous plant roots.

The juicer is also provided with an overload proteatin mechanism which prevents too much of pulp to clog the machine, so it switches it off before it is overloaded. It also comes with a stainless steel mesh filter basket which can be used for filtering the juice. The juicer is very easy to cleanup and produces no heat due to friction. The motor operates at high speeds- 6500 to 13000 rotations per minute thus yielding maximum amount of juice from the fruits and vegetables.


Negative review:

The juicer is although a good one but it does not work very well in some places. It has a few minor glitches in its functioning and design. Firstly, the speed at which the motor operates that is within 6500 to 13000 rotations per minute, all the enzymes and the nutrients of the juicer are denatured. Therefore the juicer you get does not comprise of all the good and nutrition imparting components of the juice. Secondly as far as the yield is concerned it is also not very high. Since the speed of the juicer was very high so one assumed that the yield would be high too. But that was not the case with this machine. Lastly with a 1200W motor it consumes more power than other machines. In household and daily use 1200W is not required but for commercial purpose it might just work fine. Since it has a metallic body, it is heavy and thus the portability is reduces.



The Breville BJE 820XL is a juicer which you can break upon. The brand name is enough for providing an assurance as to the quality and the durability of the product. Breville has been a major company in making juicers. The price of the machine is such that for commercial purpose it would provide a handy machine at a good price. The quality of the juice obtained is very good and the full metal body is awesome to have. The full metal body is a rarity in this price range. It imparts durability to the product and gives it a neat appearance. Since it has dual functions of a puree maker and the juicer, it is bound to outperform others in the market. You can expect the juicer to be highly productive. If I was to select one juicer in this price range, then this would be the one. It is an awesome product which would juice to a variety of products.


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