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Based on the extraction method, there are two principle types of juicers. The masticating extractors are slow moving juicers fitted with an auger that ‘chews’ up the produce, squeezes out the juice and spits out the pulp. On the other hand, the faster and more popular centrifugal juicers make use of a fast-rotating cutting assembly (usually a disc or blades) that first grinds the produce and then crushes it for extracting the juice.


Breville Juice Fountain extractors

The Breville Juice Fountain extractors fall in the latter category, ie, centrifugal juicers. These are fast, efficient and easy-cleaning fruit-and-vegetable juicers that are quite ideally suited for on-the-go juicing. The Juice Fountain range has a variety of models to suit your juicing requirements and habits. Some of these have been discussed below along with the pros and cons for each.

  • Juice Fountain Plus (JE98XL)


Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juicing Machine

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juicing Machine

The Juice Fountain Plus is an easy-to-operate countertop juicer, powered by an 850-Watt 2  speed motor (6500 rpm for soft foods and 12000 rpm for hard foods). The 3-inch wide feeder chute will accommodate most foods whole, thus reducing chopping time. Other highlights include a stainless steel cutting disc, a large capacity pulp collector, a smart-looking high-grade polymer finish and dishwasher-safe parts.


  • The juice extracted is a little frothy, and there really is no way around it. Luckily, the included juice jug comes with a handy froth separator that clears away most of the foam.
  • The Juice Fountain Plus has not performed very well with leafy greens, the residual pulp being somewhat wet. However, the pulp can always be fed in again for greater extraction.



  • Juicing is fast. For most users, the total time taken (inclusive of cleanup) has seldom exceeded 10 minutes. The large chute has been designed to reduce initial prepping. Thanks to the included cleaning brush, the parts are easy to hand wash, apart from being dishwasher safe.
  • The sturdy construction means no hopping around on the counter-top, a problem with many flimsy juicers.


The Juice Fountain Plus is a good entry-level juicer, suitable for small kitchens. If your requirements are primarily fruit and non-green vegetables, this is the ideal juicer.

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  • Juice Fountain Compact (BJE200XL)


Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain

Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice Fountain

            The Juice Fountain Compact is powered by a 700-Watt motor operating at 14,000 rpm. The 3-inch feeder chute reduces initial chopping. The juicer features an intelligent, space-saving design that accommodates the pulp collector within the main unit’s footprint. The parts are all dishwasher safe.



  • The chute needs to be covered to prevent bits of food and pulp from flying out and creating a mess.
  • The one-year warranty does not cover all the parts.



  • The bargain price gives the Juice Fountain Compact great value for money.
  • The compact juicer will take up little space on the counter.
  • Juicing is fast


The Juice Fountain Compact is a great all-round juicer with the added advantage of  portability, thanks to the great size. It is ideal for small offices, college dorms and small kitchens.

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  • Juice Fountain Multi-Speed (BJE510XL)


Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor

Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor

The versatile Juice Fountain Multi-Speed is powered by a 900-Watt motor and has 5 variable speeds that are smartly controlled by an integrated chip that increases or decreases power to the motor depending on the load. The 3-inch feed chute can accommodate most  uncut foods and the cleanup is easy with dishwasher safe parts.



  • The Juice Fountain Multi-Speed is not very effective with particularly soft fruit like berries. These are better off in a blender.
  • The same goes for leafy greens. This is, however, true of most centrifugal juicers. Use a masticating juicer if you’re into greens.



  • The 5 speeds make it a truly versatile juicer, capable of handling most hard and soft foods.
  • The smart-looking stainless steel finish is easy to clean.


The Juice Fountain Multi-Speed is designed for truly hassle-free juicing. It is particularly suitable for busy professionals and elderly homeowners who will find the intuitive 5 speed motor quite handy.

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  • Die-Cast Juice Fountain Elite


The high-end Die-Cast Juice Fountain Elite is Breville’s flagship juicer, combining the performance of a commercial juicer with the convenience of a home kitchen appliance. The 1000-Watt motor has two speeds and can go up to 13,000 rpm. The 3-inch wide feeder chute reduces prepping time and the parts are all hand- and dishwasher-friendly. The stainless-steel cutting disc is reinforced with titanium for more slicing power. The whose unit is housed in beautifully-designed die-cast stainless-steel, lending an aesthetic as well as professional look to the kitchen.



  • The Elite is so fast that it can overflow if the produce is fed in too fast. This is because the juice is being produced quicker than the spout can pour it out. Make sure to feed in the items slowly and don’t cross the MAX level.
  • Once again, the Elite will not juice leafy greens and wheat grass effectively. Try rolling the greens up in a lettuce leaf and then feeding them in.
  • The juicer’s parts are expensive to replace, and the 1-3 years warranty seems short-term. However, most users are quite convinced of the Elite’s durability.



  • The juice extracted is virtually pulp-free thanks to the micro-mesh filter.
  • The juicing is fast, with minimal standing time, thus minimizing oxidation.
  • The Elite is one of the most efficient centrifugal juicers. The pulp is quite dry and does not require repeated feeding.


The Die-Cast Juice Fountain Elite is a very capable and professional-looking juicer that is recommended for large households, offices and small commercial kitchens.

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Citrus fruit

Citrus fruit are normally not juiced in regular fruit-and-vegetable extractors and most juicer companies also manufacture specialized citrus juicers for the purpose. A citrus juicer has a reamer with an attached cone that spins. This is to first extract the pulp, which is followed by the juicing and straining. The half-cut fruit is placed on the cone and gently pressed down, triggering the motor. Often, a reverse action feature will also be present, and the pulp is effectively extracted, leaving the peel which can be thrown away or used elsewhere.


  • Breville Die-Cast Citrus Press (800CPXL)


Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press

Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press

The Breville Die-Cast Citrus Press has a die-cast stainless-steel juicing cone that fits all     sizes of citrus fruit. Two stainless-steel filters control the amount of pulp.



  • The Die-Cast Citrus Press is a little pricey. However, it is one of the best citrus juicers in the market.
  • A fair amount of wet pulp tends to collect in the bottom. This can, however, be added manually for pulp-lovers or even eaten separately.



  • The one-size-fits-all cone can juice the smallest of limes to the largest grapefruit.
  • The parts are all dishwasher-safe and fairly easy to clean by hand as well.
  • The beautiful stainless-steel Citrus Press will appeal to the aesthetically-inclined homeowner.
  • The juicer is quite sturdy and will not stagger under pressure.


The Breville Die-Cast Citrus Press is a citrus-lover’s delight and is highly recommended if you don’t mind the slightly premium price.


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Breville juicers: Tips and things to note


Feed the produce slowly. You’ll be surprised by the speed of your juice and may unknowingly feed it faster than it can pour the juice out. To avoid overflowing, make sure that the MAX level is never exceeded.


The Breville range is known for fast cleanups. However, it is highly recommended that you clean the juicer right after using it. Otherwise, the pulp can settle and dry, significantly increasing your work.


Alternately juice hard and soft foods. You will find that the juicer’s efficiency increases (more juice, drier pulp) and clogging reduces.


Breville centrifugal juicers are not whisper-quiet. A super-fast rotating motor is bound to make some noise. However, it is within acceptable levels for most homes and public places. A masticating juicer will probably be quieter, but not nearly as fast.


Finally, The Breville Juice Extractors are not food processors. Any particularly soft items like berries will produce more pulp than juice. Leafy greens and wheat grass are also tricky foods and are best juiced in masticating models. It is advised that you decide what you’re going to be juicing so that you can make an informed buying decision.


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