Chef’s Star® Manual Hand Crank Juicer Review


The Chef’s Star® Manual Hand Crank Juicer is an ideal juicer for fruits, vegetables and even wheatgrass. It has a single auger. It measures 7 x 7 x 10 inches and weighs just one pound. Its shipping weight is 2 pounds. It is small and portable and will not require much space in your cabinet. It is so light that you will face no problem in storing and using it, again and again. Though it has a plastic body but it is durable. All its parts are easily detachable and hence it is very easy to wash.

Another great feature of this juicer is the strong suction base that it possesses. It will help you fix the juicer and this suction base will hold it firmly while you use it. It has an elaborate design that allows you to extract maximum juice from the fruits or vegetables. It separates the juice and pulp in one simple step.

This product is available on Amazon at a discount of 34% on its list price of $39.99. The price you will have to pay for it is $26.49. It is available for free shipping in US. It is also available for shipping in selected countries outside US also.


Chef’s Star® Manual Hand Crank Juicer Review

Chef’s Star® Manual Hand Crank Juicer Review

Product Features & Specifications::

  • It measures 7 x 7 x 10 inches and is portable.
  • It is weighs just 1 pound.
  • Its shipping weight is 2 pounds.
  • It works manually.
  • It has a suction base to fix it to the countertop.
  • All its parts are detachable and easily washable.
  • It has a plastic body.
  • It has an intricate design that gives you maximum juice extraction.
  • It separates the pulp and seeds.


Positive review:

The Manual Hand Crank Juicer is rated 4.4/5 on Amazon. This juicer is good for fruits, vegetables and also wheatgrass. It is a small portable manual juicer that you can carry with you while camping, travelling or anywhere you do not have electricity. It works like any other juicer and is even good to use at home. It will extract fresh juice from your vegetables and fruits and even leafy greens or wheat grass and to add to it you will save on your electricity bill.

This manual crank juicer is much cheaper than the other high-tech juicers that will cost you a fortune. It works really well with celery also, which a lot of other expensive juicers are unable to do due to clogging. You need to chop your ingredients and put them into the hopper. This machine will masticate and affectively extract juice from it. It is manual and thus produces no heat. Heat kills all the beneficial enzymes of the juice. Being manual and slow this will also prevent air from filling in your juice which means you can store your juice for longer period in the refrigerator. With this product you will get healthier and nutritious juice for yourself.

It works well for all kinds of fruits and veggies like carrot, wheatgrass, apples, citrus, celery or melons. It is very simple to use and needs no complicated process to be followed. It has a very sturdy suction base, which lets you fix it to the counter and extract juice without toppling over. It also has a strainer that simply separates out the juice leaving behind pulp and seeds.


Negative review:

Some people have complained about it getting jammed a few times. It is no great issue and almost all juicers face this problem. But this one being manual you can easily rotate the handle in the backward direction and then use it again normally. Some people also deny its effectiveness against harder fruits and vegetables like carrots. It also requires a little exercise and power to juice such harder fruits. The solution to this problem is that you chop the carrot in smaller parts and then try juicing them.

Some people are also worried about it being made up of plastic but there is no problem with the durability of the product. It is made up of strong and sturdy plastic and stands little chance of breaking down. Another problem is the fact that it has a number of detachable parts. For the first time it can be a bit tricky to figure out how to put them all together but gradually with use this feature will prove to be an advantage. You will be able to detach all the parts and clean them easily and separately. This feature also makes it portable and easy to carry while traveling.



On an overall evaluation this Chef’s Star® Manual Hand Crank Juicer is an effective product. It does all the work of an expensive juicer at a much lower price. It is also not very bulky. If you are the camping and traveling type this juicer is the best deal for you. You will be able to start juicing anywhere and everywhere without any need of electricity.

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