Citrus Juicers

Citrus juicers, or reamers, are special juicers designed for squeezing juice from citrus fruit like limes and oranges. Although most fruit-and-vegetable juicers claim are able to juice citrus fruit, they aren’t as efficient as citrus juicers.

Electrical citrus juicers are quite common nowadays, and many companies make them. They are generally priced low and offer a great deal of convenience. People who only drink citrus juice find it more cost-effective to buy a dedicated citrus juicer instead of going for a full-fledged fruit-and-vegetables juicer.


Tribest Citristar Electric Citrus Juicer
The design of a typical citrus juicer is simple, but effective. It consists of a spinning reamer fitted with a juicing cone. This cone has grooves and ridges that allow it to extract the maximum pulp from the fruit. Some of the expensive juicers have two or more interchangeable cones of varying sizes. This allows for greater versatility and enables the user to juice small limes as well as large grapefruit. These days, many citrus juicers come with ‘universal’ reamers that fit a variety of sizes of citrus fruit.

How it works

When you press down on the cone with a half-cut citrus fruit, a sensor activates the spinning action of the cone. The pulp is caught by the grooves of the cone. As you increase the pressure, more and more juice is squeezed out and finally there’s nothing left except the rind and some pith. The base of the cone has a screen that catches the seeds and allows only juice to pass through.

Popular electric citrus juicers

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