Green Power KPE 1304 Twin Gear Juicer Wheat, Grass, Vegetable and Fruit Juicer – Black Review

The Green Power twin gear juicer is priced at $ 399. It is another one of the twin gear juicer. It is a masticating juicer with Magnetic as well as Bio Cerramic technology. This helps in preserving the juice for longer duration of time. It is supposed to be the most advanced in terms of all the geared juicers that have been made.


Green Power Juicer KPE 1304 Twin Gear

Green Power KPE 1304 Twin Gear Juicer Wheat, Grass, Vegetable and Fruit Juicer – Black Introduction

Positive Reviews :

The most striking feature of this juicer is the Magnetic and the Bio cerramic technology which is new and this preserves the juice for a longer period of time. This is beneficial as you could juice once in a week and keep it in the refrigerator and thus the juice would last you a while without being spoil. It would thus reduce the burden of juicing every day and cleaning would have to be done just once in a while.The rpm of the motor is 160 rotations per minute which is quite low and it thus preserves all the nutrients and the enzymes.  Such a low rpm does not denature the enzymes which are a vital part of the juice as they influence metabolic activities in the body and help us keep fit. The essential part of the juice are basically the enzymes without which the juice provides us nothing but fibers.The juicer is one very nice device without any kind of friction and thus the heat generation was found to be very low. This means that the motor does not get heated up quickly and can be used for longer periods of time.

The juicer juices everything from ginger to carrots to oranges. This wide variety provided by the juicer is very helpful as it incorporates the juicing needs of all. Some people like carrot juice while others drink orange juice. Health conscious people also have a lot of vegetable juice which can also be taken out with the help of this juicer. It can even be used to make soya milk as well as baby foods.

Thus it serves two purposes.  Soymilk is important as it gives a lot of proteins and the baby foods can be prepared too which helps in reducing burden on a person.The low rpm value ensures no oxidation till 72 hours. The motor is very quiet even as low as 60 dB. It is very hard to find a juicer which produces sound as low as this one does. It produces very less foam with wheat and barley which are products supposed to give a large amount of foam on juicing. It comes with a DVD that helps in understanding the functions of the juicer better and thus using all its features to the fullest. The device is very easy to clean and the cleaning procedures take round about 3 minutes. The juicer gives and additional 15% on vegetables and is perfect for greens. Thus it is ideal for people who regularly juice on vegetables.

Negative Reviews :

The machine has its own setbacks and flaws. Firstly it is very hard to push the vegetables down. It is a very big setback as most of the juicers now have a technology wherein the juicer automatically takes in the vegetables and fruits but here the vegetables have to be pushed down hard. The filter clogs too much making it difficult to juice continuously for long periods of time. It is also very difficult to clean the filter as it has small pores and can be cleaned with a brush. One has to disassemble the machine and then reassemble which is a tedious task. The other juicers have a new technology where in there is auto pulp ejection and the filter does not clog and can be juiced with for even 2 hours at a stretch.

Conclusion :

This juicer is a good one. It is a balanced juicer. You can expect much from it at a good low price range. The technology used are good as nowadays one does not want to juice everyday but juice once and preserve it. The 10 year warranty on the parts is pretty nice considering its price range whereas the motor has 5 year warranty. The 10 year warranty is nice to have as it gives  a sense of satisfaction and assurance. Therefore you can say that it is $399 for 5 years of juicing. The flaws in my opinion aren’t any major ones or ones which would be a matter of concern. Thus overall its a good machine.

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