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If you can’t eat it, juice it! Yes, you heard me right. Instead of swallowing ‘not so tasty’ whole foods, health experts around the world are recommending six to eight servings of fruit and vegetable juice on a daily basis. They fulfill all nutrient requirements, and moreover they save you lots of time.

Research shows that daily intake of fruits and vegetables decreases the risk of serious health problems like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and stroke. Fruit juices also show anti-inflammation properties making them good for people with a high sugar and fat diet. Some of the popular and healthy juices are listed below, along with their nutrient values and benefits.

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Beetroot Juice:

By not allowing your body to get old too quickly, this anti-aging juice delays and prevents many age related problems. Its earthy flavor makes it pleasant to gulp down.
Minerals present in beetroot juice:

  • In abundance: magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and calcium
  • In traces: copper, selenium, zinc, iron, manganese.
  • Beetroot is good for your blood, so, if anyone is anemic or has low hemoglobin, this is the juice for you. It directly increases iron absorption in the blood-stream which improves blood count and circulation. Consequently, oxygen intake in the blood-stream is higher, which results in better breathing, more stamina and much lesser fatigue since every part of the body gets plenty of oxygen.
  • Better circulation results in reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. Fat digestion also improves.

Regular intake of beetroot juice can help to prevent premature ageing, because of its following virtues:

    • Increases blood flow to the brain, which reduces chances of brain related dementia.

Antioxidants present in the juice destroy harmful radicals present in the body, which reduces premature ageing.

  • Inflammation is reduced in the body, which is known to be a cause for premature ageing.
  • Beetroot juice has carotenoids, which are believed to increase the glossiness of hair.


Betacyanin present in the juice helps to fight cancerous tumors and remove cancer forming agents from the body; hence beetroot juice is often an alternative option for cancer treatment. A smoker may also be advised to drink beetroot juice to reduce risk of cancer.

Wheatgrass juice:

Superman must be drinking this juice; since it has so many health benefits, it might be his secret. The grass is harvested at highest nutritional stage and here is a list of all its benefits:

  • Source of 92 different minerals, 20 amino acids, in fact 30ml of wheatgrass contains nutrients equal to 2.5 pounds of high grade vegetable.
  • It maintains body pH balance, since it acts as a strong alkali; pH level does not drop when wheatgrass is in the body, hence you won’t get acidity again.
  • High chlorophyll content in the juice replenishes oxygen content in blood.
  • You get more energy, better vision, steelier nerves, increased mental awareness, and reduced swellings and redness.
  • Increased immune strength.


Grapefruit Juice:

One of the tastiest juices, grapefruit juice is widely popular throughout the world. Grapefruit juice is second to none in nutritional value, and benefits the drinker in a number of ways.

Vitamin C is the major nutrient present in grapefruit which has a few very important functions in the human body: It strengthens the immune system, and maintains health of blood vessels (by promoting the formation of collagen). Vitamin C deficiency is sometimes observed in smokers, so they can gain a lot from this juice.

Other benefits include increase in amount of HDL – the good cholesterol – in the body. Potassium is present in the juice which maintains regular heart and digestive functioning. If sodium intake by a person is high, he is generally recommended grapefruit juice (due to its potassium content which balances the sodium) to maintain a balanced diet.

Orange Juice:

Orange juice leads the way in the benefits of citrus fruits. It is consumed by millions every day; the immense popularity is due to its sweet, tangy flavor which makes us feel energetic after consumption.
It contains: folic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants, and potassium.

Folic acid is essential in cell growth and reproduction. Kidney stones are known to be prevented effectively by regular intake of orange juice.

Pomegranate Juice:

Cultivated widely around the world, pomegranate is a fruit that finds its place in many ancient texts.
Large amounts of antioxidants are present, it lowers the body’s LDL levels – which is the bad cholesterol that clogs arteries. It also steps up blood flow to the heart, hence, ischemic coronary heart disease patients are recommended pomegranate juice. Prostate cancer growth is reduced by intake of this juice.

Others Juices:

Cranberry juice- It prevents attachment of bacteria to a person’s bladder, hence patients with urinary tract infection are recommended this juice, although it acts as a preventive rather than a curative.

Prune juice or dried plum juice strengthens the digestive system. Blueberry juice shows same benefits as cranberry juice in preventing urinary tract infections.

How to make bitter into better:

Dr.Mercola gives us some exciting tips that can help to reduce the pungency in some of the worst-tasting juices (which sadly have the highest nutrient value).

Cranberries improve the taste of any juice, also increasing its nutrient value.

Strong flavor of fresh ginger juice can change the flavor of any juice; it also has its own nutritional benefits like better cholesterol and cardio-vascular health.

And last but not the least, lime and lemons can go with any vegetable juice.

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