Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press Review

This appliance is heavy duty. In the age of automatic/electric appliances that don’t work, here is a refreshing change. A super heavy duty, professional use Juicer which is made to withstand continuous usage, which sure is welcome! And its manual!

The 3-pinion design exerts maximum pressure with very less effort. The spacious opening between the base legs allows for large juice collectors to be used, so that everyone can have their juice!

Keep it mind that this is not an electric appliance, as some of are so used to just flicking the switch for things to work, that a manual appliance seems unusual!

Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press Review

Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press

Product Features :

  • Professional-quality juicer which is manual, not electric, made of cast iron and stainless steel
  • Has an ergonomic rubberized handle will withstand great pressure
  • Is good for squeezing the maximum juice possible
  • Has a heavy base and overall heavy duty build
  • Its enamel finish is not harmed by citrus acids, pitting and corrosion
  • Rubber handles are easy to use
  • Has a wide base design
  • A funnel cup remove for easy cleaning up.
  • A super quiet operation(well, there is no motor, for starters!)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Is ideal for all citrus fruits
  • NSF Approved for Commercial use



Some customers are claiming it to be not worth the price, and that they can get a citrus juice maker for under $40, so why pay thrice the price for this manual appliance, they argue.


Juicer is too manual and too large .

While they may have a point, the durability and the industrial strength of the product might be the reason for the price, in my humble opinion.

Some customers claim the juicer is too manual and too large and requires a whole lot of space in the kitchen, as they are used to the tiny juice makers.


Customers are raving about the ease of use, the peculiar and highly noticeable lever structure, and the way it quickly becomes the conversation starter in the kitchen! Customers say its solid, heavy, and industrial strength.


Customers say its solid, heavy, and industrial strength.

So it seems the other juicers were just plastic toys! No, seriously, the manual operation the lever makes sure the maximum juice is squeezed, unlike some other ‘wet pulp makers’ we have seen!

Customers are happy to buy this, as it seems like a heavy duty juice maker that should last a lifetime. They see it as a nice change after years of using noisy electrical juicers, they say.


Would I recommend this? Yes i would! If the price is on the higher side, the long lasting qualities and the non electrical parts make the product a long term buy,

rather than a cheap electrical toy juicer to throw away after a few months! If money is not a big issue, and you are looking at a quiet and super durable product, which is unique, then go for it!

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