KRUPS ZX 7000 Krups Stainless Steel Citrus Press With Press Arm Review

The Krups ZX 7000 KRUPS Stainless Steel press is priced at $180. The juicer is specially designed for citrus fruits like oranges. It has a powerful motor and has auto and manual modes of operation.

KRUPSZX 7000 Krups Stainless Steel Citrus Press With Press Arm

KRUPSZX 7000 Krups Stainless Steel Citrus Press With Press Arm

Positive Reviews :

The juicer is one of the very user friendly juicer specially designed for citrus fruits. This is essential as most daily juicers are used only for juicing with citrus fruits. Orange juice is the most commonly consumed juice. The juicer is specially designed for such fruits. It provides a great experience with citrus fruits. It is a stable and a very durable juicer in terms of the quality and the reliability. It comes with a pulp filter which is essential as most people do not like a pulpy juice and with citrus fruits you always expect a lot of pulp to come into your juice. It has a built in sensor which is not usual in a machine of this price range. The built in sensor helps in automatic cut off. The two manual and automatic makes the device user friendly and hassle free.

One of the good things about this machine is that the parts are easy as well as quick to assemble and remove. Since each part is made if stainless steel, it adds to the durability of the juicer. Stainless Steel does not break but lasts long. The parts are also dishwasher safe. All the parts are dishwasher as it does not take much time to clean the machine. There is an external lever present to align the machine according to the person’s wish. The motor is quite powerful and it does not make any noise. The fact that it is relatively noiseless is very amazing.

Negative Reviews :

The Krups ZX 7000 is a very good machine though but one of the major problems reported was that the juice goes on dripping even after extraction is complete. So not only does it wastes the juice but it also wets the surface and makes the area around it very sticky. It does not have a drip stopper. Secondly, although the whole body is made up of Stainless Steel but the Press Arm seems to be made of plastic. The Press Arm is an important component of the juicer and since it is made up of plastic it might break easily. The stainless steel body tends to make the juicer heavy and reduces its portability.

Conclusion :

The Citrus Juicer is a good buy if you are basically juicing with oranges. In everyday use it is a good juicer. It has got all the ingredients of a good juicer. The fact that it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe solves many of the cleaning problems. Citrus Fruits are the main components of our juice. The Stainless Steel body is very rare in juicers in this price range. Plastic body tends to crack and one has to face many problems. So with this juicer you might not have to face any such problems.

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