Ninja Kitchen System 1100 Review

The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 incorporates a smart-speed technology and a highly rated multiple blade system for easy blending, juicing, chopping and mixing of frozen drinks, soups, ice cream and even pizza dough. User-friendly features include easy-to-use controls and a smart design that will automatically adjust the motor speed according to the consistency of the ingredients. The large pitcher can accommodate fairly tall orders, for a large family get together or a party, for instance. The touch-of-a-button operation makes the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 a hassle-free home appliance.

The fairly affordable blender offers a lot more functionality than regular blenders, and can also be used for ice crushing, pureeing, food processing and kneading dough for pizzas, breads and cookies.


Ninja Kitchen System 1100

Ninja Kitchen System 1100

Product Specifications and Features

  • 1100-Watt, 1.5-hp motor
  • Extra-large (72-ounce) pitcher with blade and lid
  • 40-ounce processing bowl with blade and lid
  • Locking handles on both lids
  • Pulse button
  • Whisk attachment
  • Dough hook and dough paddle
  • Included cookbook
  • Weight (shipping): 11 pounds
  • Warranty: limited 2 years

The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 has received modest feedback at Amazon and is currently rated 3.6/5 stars.

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The Juiceman JM1000M has garnered criticism from some quarters. A few negative comments are noteworthy in particular, and should be borne in mind by the prospective buyer.


There is no pulp strainer.

Some reviews have mentioned that the blades are extremely sharp and difficult to handle, especially when cleaning the unit. Though it has been advertised to have juicing capabilities, the Ninja is obviously not a juicer.

There is no pulp strainer! However, it does all the other things as claimed in the infomercial. The Ninja occasionally has trouble in chopping foods. Some users have reported that it flings the items against the sides of the container, making them miss the blades altogether.

This can result in uneven blending. A few shakes of the container (after disconnecting, of course) should fix the issue. Some users have complained that the Ninja 1100 just isn’t powerful enough for truly high-quality blending. However, at its price, many customers are quite satisfied with its power.


The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 has been praised by some users for its many attributes. Some of the more positive feedback has been highlighted below.


The plastic used is of a high quality and feels durable.

As mentioned earlier, the blades in the Ninja 1100 are razor sharp, and effectively slice anything and everything in their path. Some customers have praised th unit’s solid construction.

The plastic used is of a high quality and feels durable. The Ninja has surprisingly good ice-crushing capability, considering its price.

The crushed ice is quite snowy in its texture, and the unit will make excellent smoothies, with tiny ice particles instead of large, rude floating chunks. The Ninja has a fairly easy cleanup and is also dishwasher safe. Lastly, it is significantly cheaper than the Vitamix blender, and according to some reviews, offers almost the same quality of blending.


Would we recommend the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 to our readers? We are unsure, and here is why: The Ninja 1100 is without doubt a very reasonable alternative to some of the high-end but expensive blenders.

For its price, it offers decent blending, ice-crushing, pureeing and dough-making functionality. However, that’s the problem. It is a ‘decent’ performer. It doesn’t dazzle. It will blend adequately, not mind-blowingly.

With some truly excellent blenders in the market today, it really doesn’t make sense to settle for a less exciting one, not unless you’re on a really strict budget. Don’t get the wrong idea; the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 will take care of most day-to-day processing needs.

However, if, like us, you need an appliance that makes you want to use it again and again, we suggest looking at the slightly expensive but far more sprightly Blendtec Total Blender.

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