Omega VRT 350HD Juicer + Organic Wheat Grass Kit – Vertical 350 Juice Machine, Juice Fruits, Vegetables Review

Introduction :

The Omega VRT 350HD Juicer is priced at $420. This is one of the juicer from the vertical juicer range of Omega. The small base is aimed at saving kitchen space and the place looks neat. It comes with a 10 year warranty. The motor of the juicer is quite heavy but rotates only at about 80 rpm.

Omega Vert VRT350 HD Juicer + Organic Wheatgrass Kit - Vertical 350 Juice Machine - Juices Fruits, Vegetables, Wheat Grass

Omega Vert VRT350 HD Juicer + Organic Wheatgrass Kit – Vertical 350 Juice Machine – Juices Fruits, Vegetables, Wheat Grass

Positive reviews :

The first and the major thing about this juicer is that it is a vertical juicer from Omega. The vertical juicers are aimed at saving kitchen space and providing the option of easy portability. It makes the surroundings look neat. It comes in handy where you just want to juice with a few things and it isn’t that bad when it comes to juicing too.

This juicer has a lot of positives. Firstly it comes with a reverse button. Suppose if you add too much fruits at once and it gets clogged then you have the option of taking it out. This is a very useful option keeping in mind that this happens a lot when we are in a hurry. The reverse button prevents fruits and vegetables from clogging the machine and then causing headaches for the person too. Using the reverse button you could even reinsert the fruits once again.Another very good feature of this juicer are the fine and coarse juicing screens for controlling the amount of pulp. Some people prefer pulpier juice while the others prefer liquidity in their juice. So with the different screens you could just control the quality and the fluidity of your juice according to you taste and requirements. The low speed motor prevents denaturation of the various enzymes which are an essential ingredient of a juice. Enzymes form an integral part of the juice as it helps in various catabolic reactions in the body. Enzymes help speeden up some reactions while bringing about other reactions. They are a vital component of the juice we drink.It is specially capable of juicing wheat grass. Juice grass is something which very few juicers are capable of juicing. But this machine works fine with wheat grass and it does not produce a lot of fom with it. Along with this, the grinder automatically pulls down the food once you insert it. This is a good mechanism as in most of the machines you have to press hard in order to push the fruits and the vegetables down. It not only requires energy but it is time consuming too.

The juicer comes with a 10 year warranty which is good for this price range. 10 years is a long way to go so it provides a kind of an assurance and value for money. Since the parts are made of plastic there is a danger that they might break but with the ten year warranty you do not have to worry much about it. The motor is relatively quiet and it also juices the green leafy vegetables well. It also comes with a wheat grass growing kit which is quiete useful and helpful for people which juice regularly with wheat grass.

Negative reviews :

Since this is a vertical juicer the basic demerit is that it cannot provide you with the kind of efficiency and juicing experience like the auger machines and the horizontal juicers. The machine clogs if too many things are put at one time. The other thing which might act as a disadvantage is that it does not have anything in particular which would attract customers. One would get a far better juicer in this price range which juices with a variety of things. The body of the juicer is made up of plastic and it is not easy to assemble the parts or clean the juicer.

Conclusion :

If you are looking for a small machine to keep in your kitchen and help you in juicing then this might be the ideal one. It is a good vertical juicer and it comes in an affordable price range with complete value for money. In terms of vertical juicer this one is by far the best in this particular price range. But it will only lure you if you are hell bent on buying a vertical juicer. It is neat in appearance and looks a small delicate machine. The working experience is nice with the reverse button and the option of juicing wheat grass it is a good vertical juicer to have.

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