Samson Super Juicer Model SB0850 – Commercial Wheat Grass Juice Extractor Heavy Duty Review


The Samson super juicer is priced at $795. It is a commercial juicer which comes with a self feeding stomper and continuous pulp ejection system. It has a .5 hp motor and it is air cooled. It has a rotation speed of 70 rotations per minute. It also has the auto feed technology in it.


Samson Super Juicer Model SB0850 - Commercial Wheat Grass Juice Extractor Heavy Duty

Samson Super Juicer Model SB0850 – Commercial Wheat Grass Juice Extractor Heavy Duty

Positive review:

The Samson commercial juicer is a very good juicer to have. It comes at a good price and has the features to make quick and continuous juice for long time. Firstly it has a self feeding stomper who automatically takes the ingredients within the machine to it makes the process really quick and prevents wastage of energy. It also has the continuous pulp ejection mechanism by which the pulp just keeps coming auto as the juicing is being done so it prevents the pulp from getting clogged. It also helps in making really good quality juice quickly. The juicer is really easy to assemble so it is a user friendly machine basically. It has both a forward and a reverse button which not only helps in preventing clogging but adds to the efficiency and the user friendliness of the machine. The reverse button is important as sometimes due to addition of a large number of fruits and vegetables the juicer gets clogged so the reverse button can be used to unclog the machine.

The machine comes with a .5 hp motor and has an optimum rotation speed of 70 rotations per minute. The enzymes and the nutritional value of the juice are kept alive in this speed. Enzymes are an integral part of the juice and help in various reactions in our body. The juicer operates at a voltage of 120v. It comes with a warranty of 1 year. It is meant exclusively for grasses so overall it makes a good juicer as it can juice with grasses and fruits.

The cleanup process is very simple which adds to the attractiveness of the machine. The body is made up of stainless steel which is a huge benefit. Normally the commercial juicers are prone to rough use so the juicer can be banked upon as the parts are of stainless steel and would not break normally. It prevents unnecessary hassle of getting the plastic parts from the company from time to time.


Negative review:

This commercial juicer like all others too has some minor flaws. Firstly the auto feed does not work too well. So it is not as fast as one might have thought it would be. It is a big setback because all commercial juicers are expected to be a bit fast. Secondly the one year warranty is a bit less. Although commercial juicers do not have a warranty more than 2-3 years but a 1 year warranty is still less. The.5 HP motor could have really been upgraded to say 1 HP. It would have increased the efficiency of the machine.



The Samson super juicer is a fine juicer to buy. Overall it is a good machine with less flaws and great efficiency and speed. It comes at a low price in the commercial juicers segment. The auto feed technology and the continuous pulp ejection is fitted to make juicing better. It is one of the rare commercial juicers which have a rotation speed of around 70 rotations per minute.

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