The Vitamix vita prep 3 is priced at $535. It is a juicer that comes with a very strong motor of 3 hp. Its rotation speed is also very high of about 37000 rpm. The motor is so powerful that you can add the ingredients and let it do its work. There is no need to hold the base.


Vita-Mix Vita Prep 3

Vita-Mix Vita Prep 3

Positive reviews:

The Vitamix vita is a very powerful juicer. It has a very powerful motor. It is so powerful that it can be used to grind anything from snow to spices or garlic and even vegetables. It has a 3 speed control which allows it to be operated as the customer wishes. It comes with a 3 year warranty which is quite a lot if you keep in mind that the blender is designed for commercial purposes. It can chop up anything from whole carrots to even cabbage and can make juice too. The blender is made of metal. Its design is so good that it imparts durability to the juicer making it fit for commercial purposes.


Negative reviews:

It may be noted that this juicer is not very different from the usual Vitamix apart from the power of the motor. It is designed for commercial purposes as in day to day life we do not need such powerful juicers. It is almost like the other Vitamix just that the build quality is a bit better. It is however far more expensive than the usual Vitamix. One does not have to spend so much money. Also it comes with a 3 year warranty while the others come with a 7 year warranty. It also draws more power leading to higher electricity bills and it just has raw power.



This juicer is for people who like to go for the best. It has a very powerful motor and is best suited for commercial purposes. The price is too high for people to buy it for normal households. The usual Vitamix would defeat it in this purpose. The warranty might be an issue with people who are looking to buy it for their households. The usual Vitamix offers 7 year warranty but this has just 3 year warranty. So you need to thing what do you want. Also its high rotation speed might be a problem with some. You might consider buying it if you are using it for commercial purposes as the build quality and power is supreme but it’s a waste in household scenario. So it might not be a sought after juicer as it has many drawbacks the biggest being its price.

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