Vitamix 1300 Turbo blend 4500


The Vitamix 1300 Turboblend 4500 is priced at $378.95. It comes with a very powerful 2+peak horsepower motor capable of blending all types of ingredients. The product has a two speed control. The blender comes with an unbreakable 64 ounce capacity polycarbonate container. It comes with stainless steel blade assembly with sealed ball bearings. It also has a thermally protected motor which provides optimum performance. The product comes with a five year warranty.


Vitamix 1300 Turbo blend 4500

Vitamix 1300 Turbo blend 4500

Positive review:

The Vitamix 1300 Turboblend 4500 is a fantastic blender which boasts of high performance and optimum quality. The powerful 2+peak horse power makes it possible to blend all types of veggies and fruits and make smoothies very easily. It comes with an unbreakable container which just adds to the durability of the product. The container is made of polycarbonate and has a 64 ounce capacity and thus can be used for large quantities. It is a single piece machine and thus does not require assembling for use and disassembling for clean up. The best feature of the product is the instant clean up which makes it extremely user friendly. The two speed option provides users with the much needed flexibility. The five year warranty surely speaks volumes about the longevity and the durability of the blender.


Negative review:

The Vitamix 1300 Turboblend is a master class indeed and comes only with some minor almost negligible flaws. There are only two things that can actually be counted as a flaw in this product. Firstly, it does not have an elegant design. Secondly, it can become noisy with the powerful motor that it uses. Lastly the warranty might be an issue with some people as there are many juicers which are offering a 7 year warranty instead of the 5 it offers.



The blender is surely a value for money option available in the market. The blender has a high performing motor and thus ensures optimum quality. The large unbreakable container makes it so user friendly. It is very easy to clean and thus makes the blending experience hassle free. The two speed option also adds to the flexibility in blending. The product has a five year warranty and thus can be trusted with for providing high end performance in the long run. Thus, those looking for a hassle free blending experience this product by Vitamix is a must buy.

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