Vitamix Professional Series 300 with 64 Oz. Container – Ruby Review


The Vitamix CIA professional 300 blender is priced at $528. This blender comes with a 64 ounce jar and it can be used for even commercial purposes. It has a 7 year warranty.


Vitamix Professional Series 300 Ruby Red Review

Vitamix Professional Series 300 with 64 Oz. Container – Ruby Red Review

Positive reviews:

The Vitamix 300 is a blender with unmatched quality. It is very efficient and its performance is simple amazing. The power of the motor is also amazing. It can be described as a tank. This blender has variable speeds and a special design to pull food into the blades. It can be used to make dough, peanut butter, smoothies, ice cream and even make smoothies. The texture of the smoothies and the dough is also supreme. This blender promises you simply the best out of everything. The cleaning of this blender is also very easy. You just need to add a few drops of hot water and run it while it cleans itself. The 64 ounce container makes sure that this would be able to blend a large quantity of ingredients too. The blades are made of stainless steel and can reach a rotation speed of about 240 miles per hour. The 7 year warranty is a huge positive as it speaks volume about the quality and durability of the product. Usually blenders which are priced high do not have a 7 year warranty but this blender is an exception.


Negative reviews:

This blender is almost a flawless blender. It’s just that the price of the product is too much for it to be used for household purposes. It is well suited to be used in hotels by chefs. The 64 ounce container is bit too much and it does not really come into use. This machine is a lot heavier and wider and therefore occupies important kitchen space.



The Vitamix CIA 300 is one hell of a blender. It is an absolute monster in its function. The build quality and the design is elegant and it makes blending very easy. It is a multipurpose blender and can virtually perform every function. The 7 year warranty is good to see in a blender of price above 500 dollars. The only negative with this machine is that it is suited for commercial purposes and not for household purposes because of the price. Otherwise this blender is truly amazing and is a must have in every kitchen.

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