Waring Commerical JE2000 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Juice Extraction With Pulp Ejection Review


The Waring Commercial JE2000 Heavy Duty Juicer is priced at $2699. It is a commercial juicer and is a heavy duty juicer with Stainless Steel body. The motor speed is 16000 rotations per minute which helps in extracting all the juice from the machine. It comes with an auto pulp ejection system meant to prevent the machine from clogging while in use for longer duration of time.


Waring Commerical JE2000 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Juice Extraction With Pulp Ejection

Waring Commerical JE2000 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Juice Extraction With Pulp Ejection.

Positive review:

The Waring Commercial JE2000 is a commercial juicer which is meant for juice bars, health centers and hospitals. It is capable of producing large quantities of juice not only for housing purposes but also at a large scale like for use in hospital. It comes with an automatic pulp ejection system which removes the pulp automatically from the juice and thus it provides a pulp free juice. The motor speed is 16000 rotations per minute which can be used to produce large quantities of juice as well as a very dry pulp. It is capable of juicing with a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

The body of the juicer is made up of Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel construction ensures that the rough use it might be subjected to in juice bars, hospitals, etc. does not result in the breaking of parts. So it helps to make it more durable and last for a longer duration of time.

It has an interlock system without which the juicer does not operate. All the parts have to be assembled correctly only then the juicer will operate. It provides safety and it happens that in a hurry we forget to assemble the parts correctly and start juicing. The juicer is very well built with absolutely no flaws in the construction. It is very easy to use so it is more preferred as a user friendly device is all one wants. It has high speed of operations and produces 8 ounces of juice in less than a minute.
The machine comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The juicer has a wide input chute and thus there is no need to cut vegetables and fruit before juicing. It is very compact and can be used in the kitchen. It saves useful kitchen space and makes the area look neat. The body is also made up of aluminum die cast housing.


Negative review:

The juicer along with such utility is bound to have a few disadvantages too. Firstly this juicer has a plastic plunger. When you are paying so much for a juicer you certainly do not expect a plastic plunger along with the juicer. Even juicers priced around $300 have a wooden plunger. Most juices have a technology wherein the juicers automatically suck in the ingredients and there is no need of a plunger there. The second most setbacks you can say is the warranty. It has one year limited warranty. Can you imagine a juicer worth $2700 to have just one year warranty? The one year warranty is very less and you can expect a few other companies to take advantage of this big loophole. The automatic pulp ejection system may serve as a disadvantage as it separates the pulp from the juice. Many people like feeding of pulpy juice. The pulp in the juice not only provides roughage which is essential component of our list but it also enables smooth bowel movement. And there is no mechanism by which you can stop the automatic pulp ejection. The stainless steel body makes the juicer heavy as compared to the plastic juicers and it thus reduces the possibility of moving it from one place to another. The price is a major disadvantage because it is far too costly. It does not offer anything extra in terms of a new technology or anything. It does not even have any other function apart juicing. So the cost is far too much.



The Waring Commercial juicer in my opinion is good to buy if you are looking for a commercial juicer to meet your commercial needs. It is not as good as a household juicer as you would except because it is too costly. For your household needs there are many commercial juicers which are way cheaper than this one. In terms of the warranty also, it is not suited for house purposes. Plus the rotations per minute are so high that they do not give such a healthy juice as is the basic criteria for a family juicer. Overall otherwise it is a good juicer. The construction is nice and it is solidly built. The rotation speed is good and even the juice yield is good. The interlock system as well as the pulp ejection system is good to have. This device is most suited for health centers, hospitals and juice bars.

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